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This folding 5.5″ 300 BLKOUT is one of our most popular builds and for a great reason.

It’s size is so compact, carrying or traveling with this is extremely easy and convenient.

The small size directly transfers to how lightweight it is and that directly correlates with how fast you can acquire your target.

Shooting is ultra smooth and as quiet as it can get before needing to be registered as an SOT suppressed item.

This build utilizes a billet upper and lower for ultimate strength & reliability, as well as ambidextrous controls for all controls.  The ambi Safety selector can be set to 50 or 90 degree making it feel amazing to switch on and off.  The ambi bolt catch speeds up reloads greatly and is a must have part for all of our custom rifles (big customer favorite).  The mag release is ambi which is a rare thing to find & last but not least is the Charging handle, which of course is Ambi as well providing great grip.

This build ships without the SBA3 Pistol brace shown in pictures

This build ships without the Sig Sauer Romeo 5 optic shown in the pics

Ships with no optic or brace, neither are included in the cost.


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